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Sunday, June 3

The Kings Series - The Phantom King, Kings # 1 By Heather Killough Walden

Title: The Vampire King
Author: Heather Killough- Walden                                                     
Series: The Kings  # 1
Kindle Edition:
Publication Date:  February 6th 2012
It was immediate for Roman. In three thousand years, he’d never lost control of his emotions, or his heart. But the moment he laid eyes on Evelynne Farrow, he knew she was the woman who haunted his dreams. And everything changed.. .
Evie Farrow has always loved a good vampire romance. In fact, she makes a living writing them. While sitting in a coffee shop and working on her next mega-hot book, Evie is approached by a tall, dark, and handsome man who could have been pulled directly from one of her novels.
Unbeknownst to her, Roman D’Angelo is exactly what he appears to be – a vampire, and not just any vampire, but the king of vampires.
Unfortunately, while Roman is both ancient and invulnerable, Evie is flesh and blood. Just as Roman decides that he and Evie have a date with destiny, for reasons of their own, an ancient god and a homicidal vampire take an equally strong interest in her. To make things more complicated, there’s something very special about Evie. Something not quite human.Can Roman fight off the incredible forces that would have Evie as their own long enough to win her heart, or will destiny betray him, and destroy everything he has ever dreamed of?
The Vampire King is the debut book in a new spin- off series to Heather Killough Walden’s best-selling Big Bad Wolf series.  In this spin off, we are reacquainted with our beloved characters from the Big Bad Wolf series and we’re also introduced to new remarkable characters in the Supernatural World, which I am positive we’ll come to love as well. It all started with Lalura’s vision about the thirteen kings of the Supernatural World. In the vision Lalura saw …

“Thirteen kings on a chess board – and thirteen queens….”

First off, Vampires cannot be created, vamps can only be born or at least that was what we were led to believe, until...  now.
 In Heather Killough -Walden’s world, vampires are the progeny of the mating between a warlock and an Akyri. Akyri’s are a demon race that feed on dark magical powers use by warlocks, which is while Akyris and warlock…er…  are close.

For 3000 years, Roman D’ Angelo, the vampire King and most commanding of all kings have being alone. Yet here the witch Lalura, sits telling Roman that his queen, his mate is ready to be found. In fact all the thirteen Kings are going to soon find their destined queens! Worst his queen is now in danger, she is being stalked! Roman doesn’t know whom, but he suspects Charles.
 Charles, a member of Roman’s trusted bunch soon to be Roman’s new foe is the culprit stalking his queen. Charles’s motivation stems from his anger at Roman D’ Angelo vampire king debonair, in aiding the werewolves in killing his friend and the previous Warlock King, Malachi Wraythe, AKA, evil incarnate! Wraythe was the one who cursed the werewolf clan that drove them almost to extinction. Wraythe's death freed the curse, leading to a freed race and ultimately the end of the Big Bad Wolf Series.

 Naturally, Charles decides to plan his retribution by an attempted assassination on the vampire queen, Evelynne Farrow. Evie, our heroine is a force of nature and powerful in her own right! For one thing Roman can’t read her mind or erase her memories like vampires are accustomed to.  Evie is also a Paranormal Romance writer, who truly believes that there are otherworldly creatures out there, but will never say it out loud for fear of being taken to the loony bin. As the story unfolds, Roman and Evie try’s to understand their growing attraction and how it fits into the scheme of things! The question is… If Vamps cannot be made and the queen is human, what happens now?

Mean while, hunters have a new Leader and a Powerful adversary to the sup race because the new leader of the hunters is Amun, an Egyptian deity disguised as human “Ramses” only Amun chose to join with the hunters as a ploy… Amun is looking for his beloved Amunet. He senses her presence on earth yet she eludes him. He also wants to rid the world of sups, believing they are evil. With Hunters on the rampage and Charles causing mayhem, and introducing a new human queen into his world, Roman has his work cut out for him.  Drama!

 Heather Killough-Walden is an incredible writer; I have said this in over twenty languages and then some!  I can’t help but delight in anticipation when she has a new book published! Walden knows how to tell a tale that would keep you spellbound! Her books always have an addictive quality to it and The Vampire King wasn’t any different! Walden is a unique writer; she knows how to be spotlighted because her stories, her worlds are her own! She is matchless! I love her suspense, romance and actions she hoards in her books! I can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon because I know we are in for a great adventure with this spin off series! 

The Vampire King can be read as a stand-alone book though, I’d recommend reading the Big Bad Wolf Series which are The Heat, The Strip, The Spell, and The Hunt (In reading Order), before venturing into this spin off series… it will be worth it! Well-done Walden!

Title: The Phantom King
Author: Heather Killough- Waldon                                                     
Series: The Kings  # 2
Kindle Edition:
Publication Date: May 13th 2012
Siobhan Ashdown was born of magic; it rides her blood like a phantom, tainted and dark and unpredictable. She is a warlock, and the power within her is unlike any before known to her kind. So it’s no surprise that the most powerful of the demons who feed off of this warlock magic not only recognizes the enormous potential she represents but determines that he will possess her at any cost.Even if it means war with the entire supernatural world.Thanatos has ruled Purgatory as the Phantom King since time immemorial. King of a vast plane of solitude, he is a free spirit, a lone rider, a tattooed man of wind and dust and nonexistent boundaries. Then he turns around one morning to find himself face to face with Siobhan Ashdown, a woman with hair as red and wild as his soul, eyes like melted gold, and a spirit as elusive as his own. Time stops, the world tilts, and the fact that she attacks him right off the bat does little to deter his romantic convictions.Thirteen Kings are severed by lust and greed, an ancient vampire and his rogue creation lay claim to what is not theirs, the whisperings of war begin to shake the foundation of the supernatural world, and primordial evil awakens from its slumber to slither across the land in this second installment in the Big Bad Wolf spinoff series, The Kings, by Heather Killough-Walden.
Wow! What a great read! I LOVED LOVED it!
Just when I thought Walden have played all her cards that she couldn’t possibly stun me, she comes up with a story like this then she hints of Dragon’s, Goblins, Fey, and Shadow’s. Men! I can’t wait!!! Woo- Hoo!!! Ahem… breathe… Winnie… breathe…

The Phantom King is the second installment in the King series and I thought it was well written. There were multiple storylines in this chapter yet the focus was on Thane, the Phantom King and Siobhan, a (pure) Warlock. If you are well verse in Heather Killough- Walden’s   supernatural world, you know warlocks are an enigma… flexible morals and all.  But a pure warlock? Never heard of!

It all started with the death of Siobhan's boyfriend, Detective Lazarus who was murdered by a demon, which means he has to go to Thane's domain. Thanatos AKA Thane is the phantom king who rules over Purgatory, a place where humans go if their life has been cut short.  Steven Lazarus was different when he’d appeared in Thane's Kingdom after being killed by a demon in protection of his girlfriend Siobhan, he didn’t find the demon who killed him, knowing that Siobhan is still in danger, Lazarus disappeared from purgatory and went back to protect Siobhan. Off course Thane followed because Lazarus wasn’t suppose to be able to just leave Thane’s kingdom…  when Thane followed Lazarus’s whereabouts, it led him to Siobhan the pure warlock, his queen.

The Phantom King was not a disappointment. It was fast paced, action-packed and so much fun to read. I appreciated the twist and turns and anticipation and surprises layered in this continuation. I especially like that we are still connected to characters from The Big Bad Wolf Series because of the storyline with Dannai cage the healer from the BBW series and the god Amun, AKA Ramses, leader of the hunters. In the end, several mystery were swinging about and it all means more fascinating adventure and I can wait! Walden got an Ace with this installment and I loved it!  Coming up next is “The Warlock King” and all I can say is it’s about time!!! Because Jason Alberich, the warlock king should have his Happy Ever After… He has been redeemed!


Anonymous said...

Any news of the Warlock King release date?? I've just finished The Phantom King and cant wait any longer!

Dawn and Wini book lovers said...

Nope, Not yet… But I will be posting her Interview soon. She is AMAZING, You think you love her now, just you wait!!!! HKW is a delight!

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