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Saturday, July 16

In the Shadows By Julieanne Lynch

In the Shadows (Book 1)By Julieanne Lynch
When average girl next-door Giselle Bergman's life is turned upside down by the betrayal of her boyfriend, she finds herself sucked into a world she thought only existed in horror stories. She falls victim to schemes to end her life and embarks on a journey that sees her unwittingly become the center of a battle between good and evil.
About the Author:Julieanne Lynch is happily married with four children. She is an avid reader, and has always had passion for the dark and twisted elements of literature. She loves the classics, anything from Dickens’ Great Expectations to Hemingway’s' For Whom the Bell Tolls, right down to Richelle Meads Vampire Academy series. Presently, She is working on book two in the Shadows Trilogy - Walking with Shadows.  Also, Lynch   has finished two adult novels due for release next year - When Darkness Came, and Ice Goddess. She is an author to reckon with!
In the shadow is the debut novel of Julieanne Lynch. It’s about a stereotypical teenage girl, Giselle. She is what you can call the girl next door!!!  She’d been happy, until the betrayal of a long time boyfriend or so she thinks!!! Heartbroken and trying to deal with her first break up, A second betrayal from her best friend and anchor slammed into her, thrusting her into a world of strange things, night creatures… Vampires, shadows and…
At first glance you would think you’ve figured out the good guys… but think again! There is more to this book that meets the eye!!! People who are supposed to be friends and allies, is turning out to be adversary. Worst whom to trust? Far away from home, not understanding anything and no one to talk too, Giselle had to fight back! “In The Shadows” is a must read for anyone who loves urban fantasy. This book is a bit dark and on the gothic side and I loved it. The action, humor, and twist in this book keep you enthralled and engrossed! And I was!!! It was a good read! If you want a book that keeps you guessing and keeps your pulse racing then this is the book!!! I can’t wait for the next installment in this series, walking shadows
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Katie said...

I can't wait to read this book when it comes out!

Dawn and Wini book lovers said...

Its a good book, I can't wait for book two! I am so curious to see what happens and how it all ends.

martha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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