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Tuesday, February 2

Atlantis Series By Gena Showalter

Heart of the Dragon(Atlantis #1)By Gena ShowalterSearching for her missing brother, Grace Carlyle never dreamed she would discover a secret world populated by mythological monsters--or find herself facing a sword-wielding being whose looks put mortal men to shame.But there he was, Darius en Kragin, one of a race of shape-shifting warriors bound to guard the gates of Atlantis, and kill all travelers who strayed within its borders.Now Grace's life was in his hands, and Darius had to choose between his centuries-old vow and the woman who had slipped beneath his defenses and stolen the heart of Atlantis's fiercest dragon.

Heart of the Dragon had me gripped from start to finish. A nice twist on Atlantis, a city banished by the Gods. We follow the POVs of Darius- the Dragon King, sworn to protect Atlantis from any invaders, and Grace, sworn to find her lost Brother. This chance of fate joins these two strangers in their separate quests. Can it be love? or is it just business? But when Darius has found himself with the hardest choice he has ever had to make in his life, he also finds that the life of Atlantis may very well depend on his choice as well. Gena brings mystical beings that were long lost and forgotten back to life.

Jewel of Atlantis
(Atlantis #2)By Gena ShowalterAll Atlantis seeks the Jewel of Dunamis, which legend claims can overcome any enemy. Grayson James, human agent of the ultra-secret Otherworld Bureau of Investigation, has orders to keep it from the wrong hands -- or destroy it. What he doesn't know is that Jewel is a woman, not a stone! But once he meets this precious gem, destroying her is the last thing on his mind . . .Jewel, part goddess, part prophet, is a pawn in Atlantis's constant power struggles. She needs Gray's help to win freedom and uncover the secrets of her mysterious origins. Gray needs her wisdom to navigate monster-ridden Atlantis. But need blossoms into passionate love as they fight demons, dragons, vampires-and a prophecy that says the bond between them could destroy them both.
Grayson finds himself having to choose between following his heart, or following his orders. The Jewel must be put in the right hands. But can he give up this fair maiden. Or will he let his duty come before his heart. As more humans invade Atlantis the stakes are even higher, and the hunt continues with Demons and Vampires to boot. Centaurs, minor Gods, Minotaur’s and even more creatures lurk between these pages. With the fight for the Jewel leaving a path of chaos, truces made by the most unlikely of clans, the stakes keep getting higher. Who shall be named victor. Only time can tell.

The Nymph King(Atlantis #3)By Gena ShowalterEnter a world of dark seduction and powerful magic . . . enter Atlantis . . .Females young and old, beautiful and plain crave Valerian’s touch. None can resist his blatant sensuality and potent allure . . . until he steals Shaye Holling from a Florida beach and holds her prisoner in his underwater kingdom.The cynical Shaye wants nothing to do with the mighty warlord, but she’s inexplicably drawn to him. For underneath the warrior’s arrogant beauty lies a complex and powerful man. A man whose caress is like fire . . .Now Valerian must fight for the privilege of claiming her as his own. Because there’s one thing Shaye doesn’t know . . .
 This was my favorite book in the series. When the Nymph king finds himself compelled for only one woman, his world is turned upside down. Not only does this woman hate him, but this king finds himself caught between a family feud of his own and a war surging with the Dragons. The Nymph King may loose it all.  Vampires and Dragons collide again in this tale with a surprising visit by one of the most unlikely of people. Although I would have liked a little extra nymphing!

The Vampire's Bride (Atlantis #4)By Gena ShowalterEnter a world of Dragons, Demons and Nymphs...Enter a world of dark seduction and powerful magic...Enter Atlantis...He is Layel, king of the vampires, a master seducer no woman can deny. But since a rogue horde of dragons killed his beloved over two centuries ago, Layel has existed only for vengeance...until he meets Delilah. Wary of love, the beautiful Amazon wants nothing to do with the tormented vampire. Yet there is no denying their consuming desire every time he nears her.Neither trusts the other nor can they survive alone. For in an impossible game of the gods devising, they’ve been trapped on an island, about to face the ultimate challenge — surrender to the passion that will bind them forever...or be doomed to an eternity apart.

The Amazon's Curse
(Atlantis #5)By Gena ShowalterDon't miss this brand-new, eBook exclusive tale of Atlantis, Gena Showalter's mythical world of immortals, magic and dark seductionZane, a fierce vampire warrior, has been enslaved by the Amazons. Nola, a lovely Amazon soldier, has been cursed with invisibility. Now, these two stubborn enemies must overcome the pasts that haunt them and embrace a love that can set them free..."A world of myth, mayhem and love under the sea " -- "New York Times" bestselling author J.R. Ward on "The Nymph King"


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