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Character Interview & Give Away- LUCAS Vampire In America # 6 By D.B Reynolds

We are here with Lord Lucas Donlon, Vampire Lord of the Plains Territory…
This is so exciting and we can’t even… Dude! … err… Sire… err… my lord? Or just Luc? I like Luc  (beaming) you?

Lord Donlon will do, love. (Gives a wicked wink)
Giggles… Snorts

How are you, Lord Donlon? Thank you for being here with us. Please tell us something we don’t know about you?

Well first, I’m fantastic … or so they all tell me. (Laughing) As for the rest, my life is an open book … literally as it turns out.  
LOL That is sooo Funny!

If you could go back to change anything, would you still want to be turned into a vampire?
Absolutely, no question. My life began the day I met Lord Raphael, and I was honored that he agreed to become my Sire.  I’d have it no other way.

Why do you like needling your Sire, Lord Raphael, and do you have a Final Death wish? Especially when it comes to HIS Cyn!

Well, here’s the thing, love. I don’t do it for me, I do it for him. Raphael is so fucking powerful, so surrounded by vampires rushing to fulfill his every wish … he really needs someone like me to keep him grounded, don’t you think? I’m sure he’d agree with me. (Laughing) As for the enchanting Cynthia, she knows I love her, but, more importantly, she knows I love Raphael. We’re on the same side.
HUH! If you put it that way… your funeral … Lord Donlon…err… Sir.

What was running through your mind the first time you met Kathryn?

Well, my first thought naturally was how gorgeously sexy she is. Every other thought fled my brain in the face of her beauty. (Are you listening, Katie mine?)
Mutters under breath … Bitch!

What questions have you’ve always wanted to be asked in an interview? And how would you answer that question?
Truthfully, my favorite question in any interview is the last one. Doesn’t really matter what it is. Oh wait, that’s the last question, isn’t it? Well, there you go. That’s my answer.
Devastating grin – OMG! Sighs…

Ahem, any final words Lord Donlon?
Just one. Slán- Goodbye!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us…. Lord Donlon.  It was truly an honor.

Thanks guys that was…. Lord LUCAS (Swoons). 
 LUCAS Vampires In America 6 is an amazing to kick off for Halloween wouldn’t you say?  Don’t forget to grab a Copy of LUCAS by D.B. Reynolds- October 30th 2012.

Give Away…
Enter For A Chance To Win
A Signed Copy Of LUCAS By D.B. Reynolds

Good luck everyone and thank you all for participating!!!


Corinna said...

Love your blog. Following you through Blogaholic, please follow back. Thanks!

Amiee Ryan said...

Hi thanks for the great character interview! I always love reading those :)
I'm following GFC: Amiee Ryan
Linky: amieesnow(at)
Twitter: @AmieeRyan
FB: Amy Ryan
e-mail: amieesnow(at)gmail(dot)com
google+: Amiee Ryan
Thanks again for the giveaway :)

Donna said...

Have read every book in the series and can't wait to read LUCAS.

Linda said...

Love the interview, =) can´t wait to read the book, too.

best wishes, Linda (fr_larsson)

Anonymous said...

Love the interview, LOVE the book! I'll always have a huge spot in my heart for Raphael but Lucas has moved up above other others to just a tick beneath his sire. Awesome in battle, incredible in the boudoir (or any other room!), genuinely charming, charismatic and sooooo powerful. If only these books didn't end so fast and come out so seldom...!!

Peg C.

Texas Book Lover said...

This is great! I love this series and am excited to read this newest installment! They never disappoint!

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