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Saturday, October 27

Beauty Dates the Beast (Midnight Liaisons # 1) By Jessica Sims

Title: Beauty Dates the Beast
Author: Jessica Sims
Series: Midnight Liaisons #1
 Paperback: 353 pages
 Publisher: Pocket
Publication: October 25th 2011
What self-respecting Alliance shapeshifter wants to go on a date with an icky, smelly human?
Answer: None of them.So why is Bathsheba Ward suddenly the most popular girl in town…?Bathsheba Ward works for Midnight Liaisons, a dating agency that caters to the paranormal Alliance. The clientele ranges from vampires, shifters of every imaginable kind, and the occasional werewolf. Sirens? Harpies? Nymphs? Were-bears? They’ve got them. Rule number one of Midnight Liaisons? Humans aren’t worthy of dating the clientèle.
 But when Bath’s sister Sara screws up the books and hoses a VIP account, Bath steps in and goes on the date as a stand-in, even though she’s a human and therefore taboo.
 Beau Russell, the leader of the Russell clan and head of the Alliance, isn’t quite like any other man she’s dated before. He’s rich, good looking, and occasionally has a tail. And now that he’s dating her, other members of the paranormal Alliance are starting to take notice…and it might just cost Bathsheba her life.
Bathsheba and her sister, Sara, work for Midnight Liaisons, a swanky dating service for all sups. Bathsheba is a human, but  her sister Sara isn’t.  A werewolf she loved had attacked Sara years ago. Sara has no wish whatsoever to live with the werewolf pack! They were ferocious and she hated them. So, Bathsheba and Sara had been in hiding… At least until Beau Russell, the leader of the Russell clan came into the script.

LIFE becomes thorny when cougar-shifter, Beau calls up Midnight Liaisons in need of a date after he’d been stood up. Client satisfaction is Midnight Liaisons’ primacy and Beau is clearly not satisfied worst he was about to come into his heatingerr…in a week time Beau is going to be in heat. Though its against  the rules for humans to date sups, Bathsheba proposes to go out on a date with Beau secretly. However, she had bitten the forbidden apple and there is no going back!

Beauty Dates the Beast has a curious launch. I instantly liked the heroine, Bathsheba however she became off putting because of her too many secrets. I like the hero; he was smart sexy and sizzling just my type and the tension between Beau and Bathsheba were explosive! Beauty Dates the Beast was engaging. I like it.  I will read book 2, but not right away.

Title: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter
Author: Jessica Sims
Series: Midnight Liaisons #2
 Paperback: 384 pages
 Publisher: Pocket
Publication: October 30th 2012
Following the page-turning debut, Beauty Dates the Beast, this is the second novel in the fresh and funny new series about a paranormal dating service. Sarah Ward, the werewolf sister of Bathsheba from Beauty Dates the Beast, and co-owner of their paranormal online dating agency, Midnight Liaisons, is voluntarily traded to a wolf clan in exchange for a kidnapped female were-cougar. Fearful of what might happen to her while with the wolf clan, she and Ramsey, a were-bear who’s part of the were-cougar alliance, pretend to be engaged so he can stay with her for protection. The last thing either of them expect is for their pretend engagement to lead to a very real love affair….




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