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Sunday, July 8

Heart Of The Wolf By D.B. Reynolds

Title: Heart Of The Wolf
Author: D.B. Reynolds
Publisher: Siren-Book Strand
EBook: 73
Publication Date: June 2010
Authors website:

Kathryn Avinger is a werewolf, daughter of the North American Alpha. Young, beautiful and obedient to her Alpha’s will, Kathryn was married off ten years ago to a much older and wealthy human, finding herself neatly trapped in an abusive prison of money and privilege.Renjiro Roesner is a powerful and charismatic wolf, an enforcer for Kathryn’s father … and, once upon a time, Kathryn’s promised husband. Returning from a mission to find Kathryn married and gone, Renjiro left the country, bitter and betrayed. But when someone tries to murder Kathryn at her husband’s funeral, Renjiro comes home to protect the only woman he ever loved.Racing against time, their long-simmering passion flaring hotter than ever, Renjiro is determined that this time Kathryn will be his. But first, he’ll have to keep her alive long enough to claim her.
Heart of the Wolf is a short story from D.B. Reynolds. This book tells  readers about a young girl, Kathryn who feels betrayed by everyone she’d ever loved. In Heart of the Wolf, D.B. Reynolds presents the North American Wolf clan of shifters and a girl who was forced by her father, the Alpha Wolf to marry a man who was fifty years her senior.

Mr. Avinger is financially successful yet a sadist!  He is also dying… thinking he could cheat death, he’d planned to become immortal, daydreamed about living for centuries, hoping that Kathryn, his new wife would turn him into a wolf. Bitterness shrouded him, when he found out that Kathryn’s father had duped him and worst his wife couldn’t change him. Resentment changed into odium for a wife he never loved. So he spent his remaining life torturing his wife…. until he finally died. Even after Death, Mr. Avinger’s Hatred for his wife couldn’t be purged!

Just when Kathryn thought she was finally free, an attempt on her life, brought back a blast from her past, Ren… A man she’d always loved and afraid she will never stop loving. But she isn’t ready to give up her newfound freedom!
I relished Heart of the Wolf; it was a well-written, engrossing and exciting story. I enjoyed seeing Ren and Kathryn rekindle their romance, and found love again.

D.B Reynolds always know how to capture her readers because the twist in the book is amazing, shocking to say the least. I loved it! Except, My only grumble is… Heart of the Wolf is just too short I wanted more. This was a great story.


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