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Saturday, March 17

It's Spring…. Let Blog HOP!!!


Hi Guys,
To Qualify, You MUST become a Public follower. "Its a follow me, follow you" Blog HOP. So Please pay it forward. By the end of this Hop, we expect all participant to get at least 40 new followers. So Lets Hop!
Thank you all.

1.   Become a follower
2.   Then scroll down to where it says "Enter link" all you do is filling out the information.
3.   Next, when you are done, it gives you a link that you put on your own blog. 
4.   After that all participants will HOP from one blog to the other.
5.   Should they choose to add a link from your blog site, they will have to become a follower, and then add their link. And so it goes on, until the HOP is closed.
6.   Remember to leave a comment to let the Blog owner know you have become a “new follower”, So that you too could be followed  ASAP.


Karen at said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Botanically Balanced said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tanya said...

Hi! Followed and added a link. Hope I did it right since this will be my very first Hop!

Dawn and Wini book lovers said...

Hi Tanya, u did. I am following you too. Thanks.

Mirjam said...

Hi Dawn & Winnie, I've joined in and am a new follower!

Dawn and Wini book lovers said...

Hi All,
Dont' forget to pay it forward!!!
Have fun!!



Book Slave said...

Hi there, just popping in from Book Blogs... You have a great blog :)

I'm your newest follower!

Here is my blog to check out: Book Enslaved

momto8 said...

came to say hi and found a hop! thanks!! for some reason it won't allow my link..says the owner of this blog requires a black line?!

Marilyn said...

Lovely lovely blog you have here, so much inspiration.. I am Marilyn via stopping in to follow ya via Linky Followers Hop.. Now officially a fun follower here via GFC & LFT - looking forward to getting to read more and indulge around here.. Thanks.. Hope you get to stop in sometime/join me.. Wishing you a lovely rest of week..

Vanessa said...

Hi! I just joined the blog hop. :)

Elizabeth said...


Found you on Book Blogs. Cute header.


Silver's Reviews

Red Headed Bookworm said...

GFC red headed bookworm

I would love for you to come sign up for the Friday the 13th blog hop. Sign ups available now! Drop by and check it out.

Peggy Strack said...

Hey ~ Thanks for stopping by Kick Back Moments and following. I am now following you too. It's a great site for reviews! ~ Peggy

Vanessa said...

Hi! I gave you a blog award, make sure to check it out:

Red Headed Bookworm said...

Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for signing up for the Friday the 13th Blog Hop!!!!! Looking forward to your post!

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