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Sweet Peril
April 30th 2013

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Death's Angel
December 21st 2012

Fury Of Seduction

Fury Of Seduction
November 13th 2012

Gates Of Paradise

Gates Of Paradise
January 15th 2012

Blood- Kissed Sky

Blood- Kissed Sky
December 26th 2012

Days of Blood & Starlight

Days of Blood & Starlight
November 6th 2012


October 30th 2012

A Circle of Seven Series

A Circle of Seven Series
December 4th 2012
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Sunday, June 19

Nightworld By L.J Smith

The Night world isn’t a place, but a clandestine society of vampires, werewolves, witches, and  other creatures of darkness that live amongst us. They are attractive, lethal and are very alluring to humans. Their laws permit humans as good hunting sport and food! Nothing else… Night world has two major rules that should never be broken and if violated death is the only retribution! 
 (Never let them find out the Night World exists).  (Never fall in love with one of them).
****These are stories about what happens when the rules get broken...***
Each book of the sequence trails a different hero (always a teenage girl) who must face numerous challenges involving love, the "soul mate principle" and the Night World's strict code.
Volume one- Books 1-3
Secret Vampire book one 
by L.J. Smith

This is the debut book in this series, and LJ smith is a great writer!!!  After the first two chapters I knew I would be hooked, she sucks you right in and before you know it you are addicted with only a single thought in your mind… “More”. In this book, Poppy, a typical teenage girl with friends and a twin loveable brother, until she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her best friend James has a secret, and she can’t understand why his presence calms her. Knowing that poppy might die, James tries to help find a cure! Only to find out that less than three percent of patients with this diseases survive. James decides to do the unthinkable!!!! Not thinking of the repercussion. I enjoyed reading this book, the humor and the languages are pure and captivating… it was trance inducing and I couldn’t stop reading. The storyline was truly alluring and all I could think about is 4 stars!!!  
Daughters of Darkness book two- by L.J. Smith
In this installment, Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade Redfern escaped from their confined lives, and the strict rule of the Night World to live with their Aunt on her farm.  Their disobedience did not go unnoticed!  Reaching their aunt’s they noticed she’d been killed right before their arrival. Worst their ruthless brother Ash  (James’s cousin from book one) was sent to bring his sisters home or kill them. Ash, who hates humans, discerns that his sister’s nosy next-door neighbor might be his Soul mate; an age-old principal was indeed a human!  Nightmare!!!! Better yet, she couldn’t stand the sight of him….   I wouldn’t say this book had a happy ending; it was neither heart wrenching nor heart warming depends on which way you look at it, but I loved it nonetheless!!! Ash’s reaction to his soul mate was priceless and I think LJ smith is a genius!!!!  I like her writing style and I look forward to reading more books from her. The story keeps you on the edge of your sit and Laugh out loud funny. In the end I felt bad for Ash… but I guess atonement was the right solution for his dilemma. 4 stars!!!!
Spellbinder book three- By L.J. Smith
The Harman’s are like royalty in the witches’ clan of the Night world society!!! They are well respected until… Thea and Blaise! Thea and Blaise are pretty much sisters. Except, Thea uses white magic and Blaise uses black magic. Blaise uses her allure and magic to make boys do anything for her, she loves the attention plus no boy has ever resisted wanting to please her!!!!  Until Eric Ross. Thea had saved Eric from snakebite, as it turns out Thea and Eric realizes they are Soul mates. Blaise didn’t understand this principle, she wanted Eric for fun and she’s jealous that Eric had chosen Thea, instead of her.  Soon it was war between two sisters!!!! In a frantic attempt to protect Eric from her crazy messed up sister, Thea inadvertently releases an angry spirit, which caused a series of unfortunate events…. 
This is one of my favorite stories in the series. I mean I like the collective legends, but there are some that are more to my liking than the others!!!! I can’t say it enough, LJ smith takes  you to places you couldn’t imagine in your widest dreams!!! She writes with passion and she makes you feel better after each read no matter what! I enjoyed every sentence in the book. And I can’t get enough of her writing. 5 stars!!!
Volume Two Book 4-6

 Dark Angel book four, by L.J. Smith
In Dark Angel a “thing” that calls himself Angel brought Gillian Lennox back to life  after a near death experience!  He became her best friend and best go to guy. He Helped changed her life, by giving her what every teenage girl wants- “to be popular”! Angel also gave her advice on how to make her crush…David Blackburn, well… ahhh… crush back?   Until “ Angel AKA phantom” starts making peculiar requests and people start getting hurt. In trying to rid herself from Angel, Gillian learns about her heritage and the secret it holds. Gillian later found out that Angel is a spirit with unfinished business that can't cross over AND they are some how related!  Like every fictional heroine, Gillian decided to help Cuz Angel!   This was another smashing hit from LJ smith!!! It wasn’t my favorite, but I liked the storyline nonetheless. The author never seizes to amaze me with her creativity. She writes with fervor, which makes her an example of what writers should be!!! 4 stars
The Chosen book five by L.J. Smith
 Rashel Jordan, a vampire hunter had dedicated her life to killing vampires after seeing first hand the murders of her mom and friend, by a coldblooded vampire (Redfern Sr. AKA Vamp royalty).  Plotting to kill more vampires, she pervades a blood feast and to rescue the humans (Meals with legs) they planned to eat! One of the suck neck’s she encountered in the blood feast was Quinn, a cold-hearted and dangerous vampire (Yeah! Same one from daughter of darkness).  She couldn’t bring herself to kill him!  Why? Her soul mate?  Can she resist killing her Soul mate? He ate humans! Or did he? Find out!  4 stars!!! I liked it!!! Funny and humorous, thrilling and captivating! Need I say more?
Soul mate book six by L.J Smith
   This installment is my absolute favorite mishap in the entire series!!! Lord Thierry and Lady Hannah… *sigh dreamily*… Their romance was sweet and enduring! It stood the test of time and I liked LJ smith allover again… It was a fantastic ending and I wanted more! Hannah had been having lurid dreams plus she keeps finding weird “post it” in every corner of her home in her own handwriting, warning her that she is in peril and will die before her seventeenth birthday!!! Sick, frightened and anxious about her sanity, she talked to a psychologist and soon begun hypnosis! She’d gone back through time and reliving her past lives, connecting to each of them and discovering that her Soul mate is Lord Thierry, a vampire and a Lord of the Night World. BUT could she trust him? In her past lives, Her soul mate always kills her!!!  5 stars!

Huntress book seven by L.J. Smith.
This installment stars Jez Redfern, a half human half vampire. She ran away from her vamp family to live with her human relatives. But the reprieve was short lived when she goes back (Returns to Sup world, AKA “Night world”) when Circle “Daybreak” asks Jez to go on a perilous mission: to fight her worst enemy, best friend and soul mate, Morgead Blackthorn for the Wild Power! (Sup’s with extra super juice). Except the plan went totally wrong because she’d (Jez) been captured on the mission by Lily Redfern, Hunter Redfern's daughter (AKA Devil’s Spawn!). I liked this story; it was full of action and suspense. I dove into the next installment immediately! 4 stars.
Black Dawn book eight L.J. Smith.
We all know by now that the night world is a society within a society! Top sup secret!!!! And the O.B. 1’s, do not like sups (supernatural) and humans to mix. Bottom line, don’t.  Play. With. Your. food!!!!  This is another of my very favorite in the series and I loved every minute of it.  The heroine is a smart, weird teen, Maggie! Maggie had stumbled upon an ancient Night World realm when trying to save her brother from a witch. She also stumbled upon a vampire prince and a wild power! (Basically, he’s the BEEP). Delos turned out to be Maggie’s soul mate. Trouble!!!!   It was a push and pull relationship, Delo’s was fighting his feeling the entire time, growling something about he can't love her and hates humans. (As. if). Hunter Redfern AKA (Devil) wanted Delos to help him take over the old night would kingdom, (As they say deals with the devil)!  Delos, with Maggie's help, realizes that Hunter Redfern is his adversary! I mentioned that I loved this book? Yes I did! 5 stars!!!
Witch light book nine L.J. Smith.
In this chapter,  Iliana Harman is the wild power from the witch’s descendant. She is nice, caring, charming and liked by everyone! She has a big heart. Lliana is also destined to marry Galen Drache, a shape shifter of the first house. If this joining goes as planned, there will be an alliance between the shape shifters and the witches!!!! Meaning their chance of survival in the upcoming war might be guaranteed!  Raksha Keller, a shape shifter and her team races to a mall to save the new Wild Power, lliana Harman.  However Keller soon realizes that wild power's betrothed, Galen Drache, is her soul mate!  Can they stay apart? Or will they make the ultimate sacrifice???? I loved this story…  it another favorite of mine and it had a wonderful ending. This story was full on action, humor and tragedy…  LJ smith is an eloquent writer and she knows how to imagine! 5 stars!
Strange Fate Book ten Coming Soon TBA!!!!!


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